Moving into the new year, what’s the difference between video marketing and video selling? I know at first glance they seem to be the same thing. However, if you look closer, marketing with videos and selling with videos have two very different agendas. One pulls you in and one reaches out to you, prequalifies and closes you. Video marketing is the process of sending out video via social media and SEO which draws your prospects to you. Most of the videos that are developed for this are informative and may or may not have an interest for your clients. The goal is to get enough of them out there whereas to randomly attract someone that is interested in your service and will hope that they call or reach out to you for a quote. Yes, you can get business from this. Yes, it is used widely throughout advertising.  However, from BVS Film Productions’ view, video can be used for much more in 2021.


So, what is the difference between video marketing and video selling? Well, to answer this question, you need to define what selling is in the traditional approach. In traditional selling someone prospects, prequalifies, and or follows up, presents, and closes the sale. Or in some case they will prospect, prequalify, present, follows up and then close the sale. Believe it or not, all these steps can be done with video and some well forged e-messaging.  At BVS Film Productions, we have found we can develop and send videos through social media channels that prospect and prequalify your customer. How? You may ask.  Well, in our case, video videos could be in the form of a customer testimonial that speaks to budget or on-time delivery. Really this can be for any objection a customer can think of. This way when the customer reaches out, they already know what you are all about. As for presenting, think about it. Is there a better salesperson to give a presentation than a professionally developed video? And as for closing, if you combine answering all the objections with prequalifying videos, presenting with a professional video and testimonials from high profile customers saying how great your company is, the close is already done for you. “BVS Film Productions has closed projects as much as $20,000 without ever meeting our prospect.” Exclaims Dan Portik bestselling author and owner of BVS Film Productions. At least once a month someone reaches out to us for the first time saying they already know all about us and are “sold” on what we do and who we are. Why? Because our videos do the selling for us!” Adds Mr. Portik

At future of video marketing for 2021

There is no doubt that video will play a big role is selling moving into the new year. The big question is are you and your company going to embrace it or not. Just remember, there is a surprisingly good chance if you are not, your competition is! #videomarketing #videoin2021 #clevelandfilmproduction #ohiovideoproduction

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From an idea to final production, we offer over 30 years of video/film production and marketing experience assuring your company will receive the absolute finest product guaranteed to garner measurable results. In addition, with experience come the ability to be intuitive. Many of our clients know what they want, but don’t know how to say it. We understand, and have seen this often. By doing so, we have developed an intuition that acts as a 6th sense. Our goal, our mission is yours. Developing a straight and simple path to an effective your product or service with the least amount of effort for you the client. “When we start a project with a customer, we are not just thinking about what kind of lens or lights to use. We think about what their video or video marketing program needs to accomplish and how it can integrate with your current marketing program to achieve maximum results. Or what type of emotions would you like your new video program to instill in your prospects?” Exclaims Dan Portik Owner/President of BVS Film Productions. So whether you need a company video, instructional video, tv commercial or an entire video content marketing programs, BVS Film Productions can develop a program that will get measurable results.

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