Another change in the marketing world for big businesses is the fact that company tradeshow budgets are moving to video production during the Covid19 Pandemic. Over the past year, our team at BVS Film Productions has seen a big shift to video production for training videos, product launches and a host of other services. “We have seen an influx of video production for both training videos and new product launches due to the restrictions from the pandemic. This has been mainly with the large companies that have specific budgets for tradeshows the tradeshow-related training. Conversely, small to medium size companies we talk to still don’t feel that video is worth the investment and either cut corners and do it themselves or don’t do anything at all. One of the common excuses we hear is that they are waiting until things get better. These are the companies that will not survive in this new world. If you think in survival mode, you will stay in survival mode until, in many cases, a company’s demise.” Exclaims Dan Portik Bestselling Author and President of BVS Film Productions. He continues on to say “However if you think abundance and success, you can guess what you get!, In the past two months, our company has committed sales hirer that all of our prior two year’s sales numbers. And I can tell you exactly why. When everybody was pulling back and worried about paying their bills and keeping their paychecks coming in, our team was developing promotional videos and prospecting more than we have ever prospected. Now we are seeing the results. It just works and works every time.” All the more reason budgets are moving to video production.

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Moving forward into the year, no one knows exactly how businesses will handle the economy. However, if history is a teacher, we know that if prospects don’t know you exist, there is absolutely no chance to work with them. Obscurity is the number one enemy of any business. Not talent, not the economy, not the way the stars are aligned. Obscurity. And the only way we as business owner and managers can combat that is building relationships with videos. For more information on how BVS Film Productions can help your company with its video production and video marketing needs, contact us at or 440-653-9911 #Clevelandvideoproduction #videomarketinginOhio

tradeshow budgets are moving to video production during the covid19 pandemic

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