The Dos and don’ts to reaching out to prospects and customers are simple. Prospects and customers want to be communicated to the way THEY want to and not necessarily the way you are used to being reached. That said, more and more prospects and customers are requesting vendors to reach out to them via email or texting vs the phone or in person. So, when a sale person doesn’t listen to these requests, it just makes them look like they are not caring about the needs and requests of the people they are trying to sell to. “I can’t tell you how many times sales people insist on calling me or worse, show up at our office unannounced in hopes to say hi after I tell them to reach me via email. It’s just so Wrong!” Exclaims Dan Portik president of BVS Film Productions. If a salesperson has the urge to do this, we suggest they go take a cold shower or run around the block a few times until the feeling goes away. Seriously, if someone doesn’t listen, they are just digging their own grave. Many executives are busy. Yes, believe it or not, they are not just waiting around to buy someone’s product or service. They have strategy and budget meeting to attend. Which if you don’t listen to them, your name or company name will not be on the agenda! So that said, when a prospect says, “I am interested” However, email me in two months to discuss.” Do just that. Don’t plan a phone call in a week. Or a casual “Pop in” just to say hi. That will be the quick way for them to pop you right out of their business world and put you on the do not disturb list for good! Understand your customers and prospects. Be aware that they are busy, and their time is valuable. For more information on reaching out to customers and proper online communication skills, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel or visit our website at either or Also, many of these tips can be found in the bestselling book on prospecting and closing online “Fill Your Funnel

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Cleveland video production company BVS Film Productions stands out as the leader in high end video production and video content marketing for Ohio and beyond. From concept to final production, we offer over 30 year of video/film production and marketing experience assuring your company will receive the absolute finest product guaranteed to garner measurable results. In addition, with experience come the ability to be intuitive. Many of our client know what they want, but don’t know how to say it. We understand this and have seen it many times. By doing so, we have developed an intuition that acts as a 6th sense. Often customers say “BVS Film Productions just gets it, they understand our needs with very little effort on our part” Our goal, our mission is yours. Developing a straight and simple path to an effective video content marketing program with the least amount of effort for you, the client. From simple 1 on 1 interviews to complex multi-camera live events for feature films or documentaries, our highly-trained team of experts act in sync to capture, edit, present and market for any endeavor. Use BVS Film Productions for instructional videos, company videos, commercials, interviews, tradeshows, live events, documentaries and personal brand videos. If you’re looking for premium video production and video content marketing, reach out and we will achieve your goals together. BVS Film Productions’ experience is vast throughout many markets and industries such as healthcare, Industrial, manufacturing, motorsports and financial to name a few. In addition, when your videos are done, use us to develop and implement a strategy that is sure to get your videos noticed, engaged and acted upon. At BVS Film Productions, we don’t just think about what kind of lens, lights or cameras to use for a shoot. We ask questions. Questions like: Where is this video going? What emotion do you want your prospect to have when they see your videos? And what would you like to achieve from developing and implementing a video marketing campaign? As you will see, our job doesn’t stop when we finish editing. In many cases, it’s just beginning. For more information on how we can help your company achieve its video marketing goals, contact us at or 440-653-9911