Much of what we have done with on-line prospecting that has been successful is what we like to refer to as “reverse prospecting or marketing.” What this consists of is sorting or drilling down into a group of prospects that are in similar industries, or have similar needs. We create and send a somewhat customized message focusing on their common need. Successful prospecting on line with reverse marketing allows you to really drill down into a group without having to actually forge a separate email for every single prospect. 

For example, in Dan’s case, since developing videos is such a sought-after marketing tool today, almost everybody could use his company’s services. However, if you drill down just a bit further. Let’s say in the healthcare industry, you could develop a more specific, message that shows his company as experts in developing videos for the healthcare industry.

When sent to a group of healthcare executives by personalizing their names and keeping the rest of the message the same, now the attention of your potential client goes up considerably, because you’re speaking their language. And if you can tie it in with a video testimonial from a happy client in the same industry, it acts as a one-two punch with that buyer.

The beauty of this technique is that you can still cut and paste the majority of the message to speed up your rate of delivery, yet still keep it personalized for maximum effectiveness. In Tom’s case for example, we all know everyone could use help with increasing their closing rate and he is a master at training people to do so. But when he groups his prospects say in the real estate industry in which he has had major successes, and sends a message that introduces himself as an expert in training real estate salespersons, his message now has a greater chance of being opened and acted upon.

This strategy can also be done for “geo-targeting” customers by zip code in case you sell a product that is local or you have a location that you would like a potential client to frequent.

“Reverse prospecting and marketing has personally been one of the most effective approaches for me to contact, present and close sales with prospects I have never met before.” Exclaims Dan Portik owner and president of Cleveland video production company BVS Film Productions.


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Dan Portik

Dan Portik Author owner of BVS Film Productions

Fill Your Funnel

Legendary master sales trainer and best-selling author Tom Hopkins