Quick Tips to Online Corporate Sales is a series developed by Dan Portik 35-year sales executive and co-author of the #1 Best Selling sales prospecting Book Fill Your Funnel. The series touches on key factors, tips and guidelines to communicating, prospecting and closing sales online through social media and other online avenues. For more in-depth information on this successful process, order your copy of our new book below. Also, subscribe to our channel to receive the latest up to date tip and info on prospecting and selling online. The Book Fill Your Funnel is also coauthored by world renowned sales trainer and public figure Tom Hopkins. Tom has trained over 3 million salespeople over the span of his carrer and have helped to develop this one of a kind manuscript that is direct way to achieving online sale success. #Salessuccess #Sellingonline #corporatesales

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Best social media book of the year

Fill Your Funnel

Here’s a testimonial from legendary master sales trainer and best-selling author Tom Hopkins about working relationship with Dan Portik and collaboration with their new book on social media prospecting “Fill Your Funnel”. It has been a fantastic time working with his team to create what we think is the new manual to prospecting and closing sales through social media

Dan Portik

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