Program Pricing

Marketing Program Pricing

-Pricing for 12 month Program

BVS Film Productions and Content Marketing offers a wide range of programs that are designed to not only develop on-line awareness, but also promote measurable engagement and visibility. Below are many of the elements we offer as well as several levels of programs to accommodate varying budgets.

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Pricing for both Marketing and Video Programs

– Pricing for 6 month Program

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Pricing for both Marketing and Video Programs

– Pricing for 12 month Program

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Content marketing program elements and options:

Website Review and Visibility Report
During this initial touch, we’ll analyze how you’ve presented yourself online in the past and make recommendations. Attached is an initial report as to your on-line visibility. As you can see there are several areas that we can focus on.

Create Social Media Accounts
While a few social media platforms dominate the industry interest and activity is still spread across a number of services. BMS will create social media accounts for your business with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, LinkedIn Business page. If additional platforms are appropriate we’ll address those as well.


Social Media Design
During this step, we’ll work to implement effective designs for all your social media accounts. This helps to maintain a unified brand image and to ensure your messaging is in lockstep across platforms.

Business Listing Management and Directory Submission
We will monitor and update your presence on over 70+ leading index sites, maps and apps as well as up to 200 directory submissions.

SEO and Analytics Reporting
We will handle general reports from Google Analytics, Google My Business, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Google AdWords collated and deliver regularly. We also license SEO analysis tools from several sources. Plus, we will conduct key word research that will determine what words in your industry are being searched for, by who, how often and where they are located. This can then be utilized throughout all SEO optimization. On-line reputation management can also be administered on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis if needed.


Blog Post Development and Dissemination
The BVS team will develop optimized blog posts that fit your industry needs. These can be accompanied by photos and optimized video attachments.

Video development
BVS can continue to develop videos that can be utilized throughout all campaigns. From script writing, directing, shooting to final editing, optimized and upload to YouTube and your social environments we can handle every aspect of the process if needed.