Quick Tips to Online Corporate Sales is a new video series developed by Dan Portik 35-year sales executive and co-author of the Book Fill Your Funnel endorsed and co-written by Tom Hopkins international sales trainer and bestselling author. The video series touches on key factors, tips and guidelines to communicating, prospecting and closing sales online through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. The book Fill Your Funnel combines Dan’s unique on-line social media prospecting and selling techniques with Tom’s time tested selling strategy to offer a one of a kind guide to successful selling with social media. If you’re striving to become successful in sales, this book contains the resources you are seeking. Learn how to Create an attractive online presence for professionals, navigate the differences between Instagram and LinkedIn, build social media profiles for salespeople, effectively prospect in LinkedIn Groups, send posts at the most opportune times and format a video post, and create social media follow-up templates. New video series on on-line corporate sales. For more in-depth information on this successful process, order your copy of Fill Your Funnel HERE or below.

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