Quick Tips to Online Corporate Sales is a short video series developed by Dan Portik owner of BVS Film Productions/sales executive/business owner and co-author of the Book “Fill Your Funnel” endorsed which was co-written by Tom Hopkins world renowned, international sales trainer and bestselling author. In the series Dan talks about sales tips outlined in their book Fill Your Funnel. The In this video, we touch on key steps to developing your basic on-line profile. For more in-depth techniques for corporate selling on-line with social media order here or below:

About the book Fill Your Funnel:

social media selling

Best social media selling book.

With the business world rapidly moving deeper into the digital economy, mastery of on-line and social media marketing strategies is critical when it comes to opening new doors of opportunity and converting leads into quantifiable sales.
Dan Portik, 35-year marketing expert and Tom Hopkins master sales trainer and best-selling author, have unlocked the digital door to lead generation and sales conversion. They will show you how to generate sales through social media with little-to-no face-to-face contact. It can happen. It is happening! Six-figure sales transactions are proof these strategies work.

Dan’s innovative digital selling strategies combined with Tom’s time-tested winning sales techniques are reinventing and transforming the on-line selling landscape for sales professionals.
The book, Fill Your Funnel, is the new manual for successful selling strategies in the digital economy and a must read for any sales professional, new or old, who wants to break through traditional barriers to buyers and succeed in the new digital frontier.

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