During the sales process normally you will have the need to prequalify your prospect so you know that they are real and are truly in need of your product or service. Once this is done, now to make a sale, that customer knowingly or not, will be qualifying you to see if you are capable and fit to sell them what you have to offer and service their needs moving forward. So let’s break this down a bit. First let’s put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Almost all of you have been there in one form or another. Have you ever purchased a product on line? If so, think about the procedure you go through to do so. Let’s say you are looking for a plumber and you go on line to find him. For most of us, we go to Google and type in the search bar plumbers in (whatever city you are in) Then look through the listing for one that has the keywords in it that push your hot to purchase button. Some might be looking for Cheap plumbers, other may be looking for more reputable plumbers. But ultimately, what are that all really looking for. The plumber that will come to their house on time, do the job right the first time and do it at a fair price. Very few people search for expensive plumbers or non-reliable plumber right? So why should your prospects be any different. No matter what your product or service, prospects usually look for the same thing. Trust. It really all boils down to that. Your prospect must trust you and believe you can get them the product or service at the best value to them. This is nothing new. But what is new is how you will achieve this in an on-line environment. You as the vendor can either bury yourself with your on-line presence or glorify yourself with it. The choice is really up to you.
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Fill Your Funnel

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