Legendary master sales trainer and best-selling author Tom Hopkins gives a personal testimonial about working with BVS Film Productions President Dan Portik and the collaboration on their revolutionary new social media selling and prospecting book “Fill Your Funnel”“I love hearing from students of my training. I was especially happy to hear from Dan Portik that he was having great success using some of my strategies to build relationships and close business in the world of social media. When he demonstrated to me the innovative way he was reaching out to people, I knew it was something we should share with sales professionals worldwide.” Exclaims Tom Hopkins”  “At almost two years in the making, Tom and I have done tremendous research on exactly what works to sell on line. The combination of his amazing selling techniques and my on-line experience in sell has allowed us to develop a book that to us, is a must read for anyone in the sales world.” Explains Dan Portik 35 year sales expert and Owner/President of BVS Film Productions. In the new social media selling book Fill Your Funnel, Dan and Tom have unlocked the digital door to lead generation and sales conversion. They will show you how to generate sales through social media with little-to-no face-to-face contact. It can happen. It is happening! Six-figure sales transactions are proof these strategies work. Dan’s innovative digital selling strategies combined with Tom’s time-tested winning sales techniques are reinventing and transforming the on-line selling landscape for sales professionals.
The book, Fill Your Funnel, is quickly becoming the new manual for successful selling strategies in the digital economy and a must read for any sales professional, new or old, who wants to break through traditional barriers to buyers and succeed in the new digital frontier. This book contains social media posts and email templates from successful campaigns to show you how to set up an effective social media campaign that drives conversions. If you’re striving to become successful in sales, this book contains the resources you are seeking. Learn how to:

  • create an attractive online presence for professionals,
  • navigate the differences between Instagram and LinkedIn,
  • build social media profiles for salespeople,
  • effectively prospect in LinkedIn Groups,
  • send posts at the most opportune times,
  • format a video post, and
  • create social media follow-up templates.

Social media selling doesn’t need to be hard, if you know the system. By following the system in Fill Your Funnel, you will be set up for an amazing year. ORDER YOUR COPY OF FILL YOUR FUNNEL HERE


Fill Your Funnel can be found in books stores everywhere on-line as well as here: https://www.bvsfilmproductions.com/fillyourfunnel



New Social Media Prospecting Book Fill Your Funnel

New social media selling and prospecting book Fill Your Funnel TO ORDER YOUR COPY, CLICK HERE


Dan Portik

Dan Portik Owner/President of BVS Film Productions and  co-author of the new social media selling and prospecting book Fill Your Funnel

Fill Your Funnel

Tom Hopkins Legendary sales trainer and co-author of the new social media selling and prospecting book Fill Your Funnel