Over the past 16 months, Dan Portik, the Owner/President of Cleveland video production company, has had the honor and privilege to co-author a Dan Portik, the Owner/President of BVS Film Productions has co-author a new social media prospecting book Fill Your Funnel with master sales trainer Tom Hopkins.

Cleveland Business Owner Dan Portik Partners With World-renowned Sales Trainer and Best-Selling Author Tom Hopkins to Co-Author a Book on Revolutionary, New Online Selling Techniques

Cleveland, Ohio – May, 14 2018 – ​​​Dan Portik, owner of BVS Film Productions, LLC in Cleveland, Ohio, has been adding new business and clients for years using his, unique online selling system. His cyber-prowess even caught the attention of world-renowned selling guru Tom Hopkins who responded to one of Dan’s LinkedIn messages.

Tom, the author of “How to Master the Art of Selling Anything™,” which has sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide, was so intrigued by the contents of Dan’s sales message and concept that he wanted to learn more about this proven online selling strategy. This led to further discussions and an agreement to co-author a new book dedicated to helping others learn how to effectively manage online selling. The book Fill Your Funnel was completed in April of 2018 and was pick up by national publisher, Made For Success Publishing, and recently launched on-line with worldwide distribution.

According to BVS Film Productions’ owner, Dan Portik, the power of online selling became more evident as he saw growing use of online videos and targeted messaging by companies that incorporate “business” social media channels like LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook into their marketing efforts. “In fact, our unique online selling system has led to a number of new projects with several out-of-the-area clients where we have never met face-to-face, conducting all communications through email and online tools,” states Mr. Portik.

When Dan demonstrated to me the innovative ways he was reaching out to people and getting immediate response, I knew it was something we should share with sales professionals worldwide.,” adds Tom Hopkins. “I’m always eager to develop new ways for sales professionals to get better results. I’m excited about what Dan Portik brings to this collaboration based on his own success in selling via social media.”

“Email, skype and text are quickly becoming the main channels of business-to-business selling and communications as they are replacing in many cases phone calls and personal visits,” states Portik. “I’m confident this new book will become the new guide for helping young and veteran sales people learn how to turn these modes of communication into powerful and responsive selling tools.”

For more information about for Fill Your Funnel contact Dan Portik of BVS Film Productions, LLC at 440-653-9911 or info@bvsfilmproducitons.com

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Dan Portik

Dan Portik owner of BVS Film Productions and co-author New Social Media Prospecting Book Fill Your Funnel

Fill Your Funnel

Here’s a testimonial from legendary master sales trainer and best-selling author Tom Hopkins about working relationship with Dan Portik and collaboration with their new book on social media prospecting “Fill Your Funnel”. It has been a fantastic time working with his team to create what we think is the new manual to prospecting and closing sales through social media

New Social Media Prospecting Book Fill Your Funnel

New Social Media Prospecting Book Fill Your Funnel