Here is how marketing through the pandemic paid off for BVS Film Productions so far. During the past three months, as like other companies on the planet, many of BVS Fim Productions’ customer stop producing videos and video content marketing. During that time, instead of focusing on minimalism or problems, BVS looked at is as an opportunity. An opportunity to develop videos and marketing materials for themselves and pump it out to an many new areas as possible.One of the companies that received their messages was the Vice President of a Columbus Manufacturer Panacea Products.

Headquartered in Columbus Ohio, Panacea Products is and international company celebrating 50 years of manufacturing excellence. They produce consumer products which include decorative metal products for the garden and hearth industry, wild birding accessories, home organization products, as well as flower-arranging products for the craft industry. They also supply a variety of commercial and industrial user’s products made from steel, glass, and plastic.

Due to the onset of Covid19 and the fact that all their tradeshows had been moved to an online environment and the local vendors they reached out to were less than attentive to their needs, Panacea products reached out from a video message they received from BVS Film Production a company over 100 miles away. Under a tremendously tight time frame of 2 weeks to complete one corporate video, two video product catalogs and 18 distributor videos, they needed a team that would take ownership and complete the project.

“Just like that, BVS went from 0 – 200 mph. All because they were in the right place at the right time. And how did we do that? We put ourselves in that position by doing the numbers. When this pandemic hit, I know we needed to put the foot on the gas to further push our brand in the marketplace more than ever. When business started slowing down, we started pumping out informative promotional videos about our own company and scheduling posts on a daily basis. Now that the smoke is clearing a bit and the initial shock of this is over, we are seeing a spike in new business that doesn’t seem to have an end to it.This is how marketing through the pandemic paid off for us.” Exclaims Dan Portik President of BVS Film Productions.

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Cleveland video production company BVS Film Productions stands out as the leader in high end video production and video content marketing for Northeast Ohio and beyond. From an idea to final production, we offer over 30 years of video/film production and marketing experience assuring your company will receive the absolute finest product guaranteed to garner measurable results. In addition, with experience come the ability to be intuitive. Many of our client know what they want, but don’t know how to say it. We understand, and have seen the often. By doing so, we have developed an intuition that acts as a 6th sense. Our goal, our mission is yours. Developing a straight and simple path to an effective product with the least amount of effort for you the client.

“When we start a project with a customer, we are not just thinking about what kind of lens or lights to use. We think about what their video or video marketing program needs to accomplish and how it can integrate with your current marketing program to achieve maximum results. Or what type of emotions would you like your new video program to instill in your prospects.?” Exclaims Dan Portik Owner/President of BVS Film Productions.

So whether you need a company video, instructional video, tv commercial or an entire video content marketing programs, BVS Film Productions can develop a program that will get measurable results.