BVS Film Productions was interviewing Santa for the best cause this week. And for good reason. The Rotary Club of Cleveland had asked if we could help out by donating some time to shoot and develop a series of videos of the man himself and his special cause at his home away from home in Ohio.

When we got there, we were surprised to see an entire town build to the specs of what any child could imagine the North Pole would look like. Complete with a North Pole Express train, marry-go-round, bakery, post office, workshop and Rain Deer. However, this was a special town that was not for all children. A matter of fact, this town was only for children having their last Christmas. In addition to all the amenities a normal North Pole would have, this location was equipped with a heliport, nursing station and many extras that would accommodate these children’s needs. This is a place has special meaning to over 600 families that have taken their children there. “When we were asked, we jumped at the chance to help. We were told some amazing and heartwarming stories that touched everyone in the room. Stories of unbelievable love, sorrow, and hope. Stories of a little girl’s last Christmas wish to Santa was to “Make my Mommy happy.” Stories of 3 hearts that were found for transplant. And many more. Yes, this wasn’t like any interview we have done before. This was done with the REAL Santa himself.  We now know why he purchased this 90+ acre farm, converted it to a town and made this his life’s mission. “We left with mixed emotions. We were happy and fortunate to be asked to help yet saddened that a place like this needs to exist.” Exclaims Dan Portik Owner of BVS Film Productions. The new videos will premiere on the Rotary Club’s zoom meeting event for the location mid-December. #helpingchildren #Christmashope If you wish to donate to this cause feel free to go to Santa’s Hideaway Hollow here. There is no greater cause I can think of to give to.

BVS Film Productions interviewing Santa

BVS Film Productions interviews Stata but with mixed emotions