In the times we live in, selling your product or service with video could not be more important to businesses. Here at BVS Film Productions, we have developed a 4-step process to engage and sell or at least pre-qualify your prospects through the use video: However, before we can start with the 4 steps, you need to look at your online profile. Is it set up for you to be taken seriously or is it more like a personal Facebook page? Remember, you can’t make a first impression twice. And online, everything is magnified 1000x. Once you finish your profile, below are the four steps. Step one – Prospecting and Prequalifying – When prospecting and prequalifying, a short 1-minute video that acts as a teaser overview to your product or service. It consists of an introduction, overview and call to action to find out more. It is designed to attract new, qualified prospects through the use of email, social media introductions or organic SEO. BVS also offers help to develop specific online messaging that will introduce your videos in an effective way if needed. Step two – Presenting – When presenting, a more in-depth up to 2-minute video or videos (if you have more than one product type or service to offer) of your company is the next step in the sales process. This video will consist developing a professional script and either use a voice over or on-camera spokes person to tell your story with professionally shot b-roll or stock footage from our library. Step three – Company personal brand videos – Company personal brand video are one on one interview video with CEO and/or President and other members of your company. They are designed to answer prospect’s objections about price, on-time delivery, company philosophy, how they deal with customers and any other objections or questions that may arise in the sales process. Step four – Customer testimonials –  Bestselling author and President of BVS Film Productions exclaims “When selling with video, there is no better way to build trust and solidify a relationship with a prospect then to have someone else say good things about working with you and your company though video.” Customer testimonial videos are videos that are on-camera testimonials from your satisfied customers. They can answer any questions a prospect might have about your product or service. Price, on time delivery and more BVS Film Productions has been using this video process successfully for many years for both our client and our own company. Countless times our videos have handled the entire sale process delivering us highly motivated buyers before we have ever said one word to them. For more information on how to make a video marketing campaign work for you, contact us at or 440-653-9911
More about Best Selling Author Dan Portik

Best Selling Author Daniel (Dan) Portik was born in a rural area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. At an early age he found himself drawn to music and then later on in life added sales and marketing to his skill sets. As a Christian business owner for over 3 decades, Dan has had extensive experience in running successful marketing and video production companies.

Over the years, Dan has sold millions of dollars in advertising/video production services and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to help develop marketing elements that have garnered measurable results. Recently, he has started to share his knowledge of sales, marketing and on-line negotiating through authoring and co-authoring a series of books. Some are currently published and several are in the works.  Dan has also partnered with world renown sales trainer Tom Hopkins to coauthor the best-selling book on prospecting and selling with social media called Fill Your Funnel. In addition, his new book The Secret Online Door outlines in detail all the successful online techniques he has used over the years to reach and negotiate with almost anyone at any level of status.

Dan Portik

Dan Portik Best Selling Author owner of BVS Film Productions

Dan Portik and Sharon Lechter

Dan Portik with Sharon Lechter at her home in Arizona

Tom Hopkins and Dan Portik

Dan Portik best selling author and ower of BVS Film Productions and Tom Hopkins world renowned motivation speaker

Dan Portik Tom Hopkins and Joel Weldon

Dan Portik with two great motivational speakers Tom Hopkins and Joel Weldon