Here is how developing a successful strategy for Instream (Pre-roll) videos works. We have all watched a popular video on YouTube and seen that short video that might play before it. Sometimes you can’t wait until they are done. However, sometimes, they are pretty interesting and make sense. So how does this happen and what can they do for your company? Instream videos or what some call pre-roll videos are offered mainly by YouTube and allow a company or individual to place a short trailer about their product or service and  in front, in the middle or end of popular videos that relate to your target audience. All this for a small fee per click or if someone watches longer than 30 seconds. So how do we develop a strategy for this? First we need to look at what you are offering and who your audience is. Then develop a short trailer about all the features and benefit of your client with a call to action. Keep the trailer no longer than 2 minutes and put all your contact info in the beginning or all the way throughout your video in a form of a banner or bug. Why? Because remember, if someone doesn’t click on your link or watch your video for 30 seconds, you pay NOTHING for the impression. So, if there is a phone number or email at the beginning, and someone reaches out to you through that approach, you just received a free lead.

Once your video is in place, now is the time to select your audience. YouTube makes it very easy to drill down to very specific audiences, by location as well as many other demographic parameters. So get your drill out! Once this is complete, you can pick keywords that you want your video to be found by as well as words that you don’t want them to be found.

“We find instream videos to have great impact with audiences if they are produced well and hit the right target audience.” Exclaims Dan Portik Best Selling Author and Owner/President of Cleveland video content marketing company BVS Film Productions.

Lastly, pick a total budget that you are willing to spend as well as a timeframe to test it. The more your budget is, the more traffic that will be driven to your site. So, we suggest experimenting with a few different video in different variations of target audience and see which one works best for you before considering to invest a larger sum. Then, as time goes on, tighten it up and invest more in areas that are working best for you. For more information on online prospecting and sales techniques for 2019. Feel free to reach out to BVS Film Productions at or subscribe to our YouTube.