Have you ever been driving and looked to the side of the road and seen someone holding a sign asking for help, money or food, but didn’t know what to do? With this in mind, Cleveland video production company, BVS Film Productions has been creating Care Packs for the homeless that contain the following items:

Portable toothbrush and tooth paste
Warm socks
Thick stocking hat
Pop tart package
Pack of nuts or crackers
Gove inner liners
Warm Gloves

Homeless Packs

Cleveland Homeless Packs offered by BVS Film Productions

So far, we have made about 25 of these and they all went very quickly. Our goal at BVS Film Productions this year is to make 200 + of these packages and deliver or ship them to anyone who would like them who makes a donation of $20 or more to put them in their cars and give them to the homeless either on the streets or at shelters in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We will also deliver packages to homeless shelter when the weather turns really cold if not sooner depending upon how fast we get donations. We would also love to develop a larger package with hoodies, sleeping bags and McDonalds cheeseburgers for all the people the shelters turn away in the middle of the winter because they are too full. That’s right. It happens every year in Cleveland. We will also work on getting a Facebook Page up shortly that we will share pictures of people that you helped with your donation. Your anticipated help Is greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate to our cause, feel free to do so here. In return we would be happy to deliver packages to you if you would like them.