BVS Film Productions recently launched their new Indiegogo page for the new Tom Hopkins documentary Master Of Sales. Over the past 4 decades, Tom Hopkins has been known by many as one of the greatest salesmen of his time. Tom started with humble beginnings and rose as a true American success story to fame and greatness in the business world. He Has trained over 5 million sales people over the span of his career including myself and has revolutionized the art of selling forever with unique and timeless techniques. Now on the eve of his retirement, I have felt almost obligated to develop this documentary to tell young and old what he has done for the art of selling. I would like to invite you to be a part of this project to tell the story of the man that has shaped the lives of so many for the better. Feel free to view the different levels of participation and be part of something that will inspire generations to come. 

Tom Hopkins and Dan Portik

Dan Portik best selling author and ower of BVS Film Productions and Tom Hopkins world renowned motivation speaker

BVS Film Productions interveiwing Tom Hopkins

BVS Film Productions team interviewing legendary sales trainer Tom Hopkins

Now, on the eve of his retirement, Cleveland video production company BVS Film Productions is  developing a documentary on Tom Hopkins and his life teachings. “After learning from Tom Hopkins over the years and then having the opportunity to write a bestselling book on social media selling with the man, I have felt obligated to develop this documentary to honor the man that has helped so many people (as well as myself.” Exclaims Dan Portik owner of BVS Film Productions. BVS Film Productions stands out as the leader in high end video production and video content marketing for Ohio and beyond. From concept to final production, we offer over 25 year of video/film production and marketing experience assuring your company will receive the absolute finest product guaranteed to garner measurable results. In addition, with experience come the ability to be intuitive. Many of our client know what they want, but don’t know how to say it. We understand, and have seen many times often. By doing so, we have developed an intuition that acts as a 6th sense. Often customers say “BVS Film Productions just get it, they understand our needs with very little effort on our part” Our goal, our mission is yours. Developing a straight and simple path to an effective video content marketing program with the least amount of effort for you, the client. From simple 1 on 1 interviews to complex multi-camera live events for feature films or documentaries, our highly-trained team of professionals act in sync to capture, edit, present and market for any endeavor. If you’re looking for premium video production, reach out and we will achieve it together. BVS Film Productions’ experience is vast throughout many markets and industries such as healthcare, Industrial, manufacturing, motorsports and financial to name a few. Use us for large business events, documentaries, corporate videos, executive interview, customer testimonials and more. For more information on how we can help your company achieve its video marketing goals, contact us at or 440-653-9911


The new documentary is called Master Of Sales and is scheduled to launch sometime in July 2020. For more information on how you can pre-order the film or become a sponsor, feel free to visit our Indiegogo site here.