In this section Dan Portik owner of BVS Film Productions rants and raves about why automated messages are evil in sales. At least 10 times a day he is inundated by automated messages and when he tried to buy something online by responding to the automated messages, he finds he is only STOPPED from buys the product by another automated message! Seriously, think about it, that gives your product or service a 0% chance of making the sale. What is the insane reasoning for using these? They will make it up in volume. So lets do a little math. What is 1 x 0? What is 10 x 0? What is 1000 x 0? Are those individuals missing the logic in this or were they just absent on zero multipliers day at school? For more information on how to sell online visit contact us at #sellingoonline #lonlineprospecting #badselling #clevelandvideoproduction

About Dan Portik

Best Selling Author Daniel (Dan) Portik was born in a rural area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. At an early age he found himself drawn to music and then later on in life added sales and marketing to his skill sets. As a Christian business owner for over 3 decades, Dan has had extensive experience in running successful marketing and video production companies.

Over the years, Dan has sold millions of dollars in advertising/video production services and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world to help develop marketing elements that have garnered measurable results. Recently, he has started to share his knowledge of sales, marketing and on-line negotiating through authoring and co-authoring a series of books. Some are currently published and several are in the works.  Dan has also partnered with world renown sales trainer Tom Hopkins to coauthor the best-selling book on prospecting and selling with social media called Fill Your Funnel. In addition, his new book The Secret Online Door outlines in detail all the successful online techniques he has used over the years to reach and negotiate with almost anyone at any level of status.

Dan Portik

Bestselling Author Dan Portik