In the world of publishing, having “Best Selling Author” in your title can help your credibility, portray you as an expert in your field and really help to launch you into a new career you may not have considered. Some may think achieving best seller status can never be obtained. Especially on a first attempt. However, the case of business owner Dan Portik, that’s exactly what happened. Here is a quick way to make your first book a best seller. First, one may want to define what a best seller really is. Over the years, the term has been used rather loosely.  However, in the case of Amazon for example, your book reaches :Best Seller status when it out sells all the other books in it’s category at any given 1 hour period of time. This is literally1000s of books. This status is updated hourly. So, if you look at it that way, spiking sales about to the tune of about 1500 units in a one hour period should do it. In Mr. Portik’s case, best-seller status was the farthest thing from his mind when he had the idea for his first book. He had developed a new way to prospect and sell through the use of social media and felt that it would help sales people everywhere with not only increase sales, but also communicate more effectively with prospects and customers. With that, he knew the only way to increase his odds of getting published was to find a heavy hitter to partner with. A heavy hitter is someone in your field that has already done what you want to do. So with that, he set his sites on first becoming a published author. As someone that never wrote a manuscript and was a “C average” student at best when it came creative writing, he knew he was going to need help. So he decided to see if he could get in contact with his mentor and world renowned sales legend Tom Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins has trained over 5 million sales people world wide and has written and sold millions of copies of books on the subject for decades. Knowing that it might be a daunting long shot, Dan took a chance and reached out to him anyway using his new online techniques he had developed. It worked. Mr. Hopkins responded back not knowing who Dan was and said he was interested. So armed with only a concept and the confidence of knowing his sales techniques were successful, he began the process of writing a book with his long time mentor. With over 1800 mile between them, Dan work with the Hopkins team for over a year to help write the book Fill Your Funnel. Once completed, it then needed to be submitted to publishers. The good news was there was a publisher that heard about the book and  was ready to publish it.  Soon they enter into an agreement with both Tom and Dan to do just that. Once the book was completed, they then outlined a plan to launch it as well as address a few unique long shot avenues to spike sales enough to make it a best seller literally over night. With a “nothing to loose attitude, Mr. Portik decided to take a chance and invest in the long shot avenues and use his unique online communication approach to try to get Fill Your Funnel accepted into these exclusive and prestigious marketing groups. And once again, his techniques worked. With that, Fill Your Funnel was accepted into BookBub’s exclusive advertising program and was introduced in an exclusive offer to over 500,000 readers interested in sales and marketing. Sales immediately spiked in the first hour to outsell all books on Amazon in several categories in both Canada and Australia. It also landed #2 in the US in several categories for most of the day as well as landing in the top 100 books in all of Amazon during that time period rendering it an international best-seller. For more detailed ways to reach out to anyone online through these unique techniques, order the new book Fill Your Funnel here or through Amazon, Barns and Noble and other online books stores everywhere.

Fill Your Funnel

Amazon #1 Best Seller Social Media Book Fill Your Funnel

“After my experience with writing the book Fill Your Funnel and the Hopkins group, I knew my techniques worked perfectly and with a little luck, can work for anyone. Many of these same techniques are outlined in the new book as well” Exclaims Dan Portik coauthor of the Book Fill Your Funnel.

“After Dan demonstrated his unique way of reaching out to individual and selling through social media, I know we had to share this with sales people world-wide.” Adds Tom Hopkins International Sales Trainer and coauthor of Fill You Funnel.. To order your company, feel free to order your copy here.


Fill Your Funnel

Here’s a testimonial from legendary master sales trainer and best-selling author Tom Hopkins about working relationship with Dan Portik and collaboration with their new book on social media prospecting “Fill Your Funnel”. It has been a fantastic time working with his team to create what we think is the new manual to prospecting and closing sales through social media

Dan Portik

Dan Portik Best Selling and owner of BVS Film Productions