So, you started to develop videos for yourself and your company and now you need to know what to do with them. Many people and companies spend the time to create fantastic videos but never put any thought into how to market them. Then after a few months of putting them up on YouTube, they are wondering why they only have 10 visits and no likes. With that, they become discouraged and think it was a waste of time or that video just doesn’t work. As with anything else in advertising, you need to have a strategy, good tools and persistency and patience to get the job done. With that, below you will find 7 YouTube marketing strategies that are working in 2019 to get your YouTube videos ranking and noticed by your target audience.

1. When you write a description about what your video, the title should include your targeted keywords. For example, add what your company does and where you are located. This way Google/YouTube know who and where you are.

2. Detail your description in the body copy and make sure it tells viewers why your video is important to watch. In addition, make sure that it includes your keywords. Remember, only the first 3 lines are visible on YouTube without clicking the “SHOW MORE” link, so any links, phone numbers or calls to action to be added there.

3. There are several areas in the advanced tab that allows you to add location, language and other demographics which should be able to help you with your page rake. This helps YouTube display your video as a suggested video when viewers look for similar subjects.

4. Custom thumbnails for the video that are brand consistent will help viewers identify your videos easily. Make them with large type and interesting visuals when possible.

5. Include subtitles and closed captions when you can. This will help with YouTube SEO as well as make it easier for viewer to watch when they can’t use sound.

6. Encourage discussions. This will help with viewer engagement.

7. Add end screens with call to action. This can be found under the editor on the righthand side.

More takeaways and tips:

Share all your videos on all your other social channels. For the most part, all the social channels like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and LinkedIn are free. So, are you taking advantage of them? They require time and some hard work to get them up and running. But once you do, you will have a valuable database on loyal followers.

Promote your new videos on a blog or company website. Also, send them out in emails to customers and prospects. We are all sending emails out every day. So why not use them to subtly market your new videos that you develop.

More tips and strategies to market your company online can be found in our new best-selling book Fill Your Funnel coauthored by myself and legendary sales trainer Tom Hopkins.

Dan Portik

Dan Portik Best Selling Author owner of BVS Film Productions

Tom Hopkins and Dan Portik

Dan Portik best selling author and ower of BVS Film Productions and Tom Hopkins world renowned motivation speaker

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